Types of Baby Footmuffs

It is a rather confusing issue that you have to face when buying a baby footmuff. That is because there is a vast array out there and you find yourself spellbound with the colors, shapes, uses, and brands.

And, we have not even mentioned the range of prices.

Car footmuffs for baby

Not all baby footmuffs can fit into a baby car seat, but there are some baby seats that come with their own special footmuff. In any case, if you have a car seat get a footmuff that is compatible with your baby seat.

Stroller footmuff

A stroller footmuff is different from others in that it bends with the stroller and is longer than others. At the same time, you need it to reach up and behind the baby’s head and strap or tie at the front below the baby’s chin. So, take note and make sure that it will fit your stroller; if you have a stroller.

Runner footmuff

This is much easier since the baby is tucked into his runner, he is already cocooned but to make sure of his warmth you get the footmuff that gives the complete protection factor that is from the toes to the head. But almost any muff will work with your runner.

Handheld footmuff

When you are holding your baby, you might think he is warm, but it would be wise to get the handheld footmuff, tuck in your baby and carry him all you like.

Having said all that there are types that actually fit on your stroller, and types that are like an apron over the runner or stroller. And there are the ones that are like a wrap, quite versatile and practical and fits anywhere. Go shopping or go online and see what you want or what suits your needs. You just might end up buying two or more!